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Customer Stories: The Unlawful Waffle

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Betty H. from Georgia reached out to our team to tell us a little bit about why she loves our Unlawful Waffle Mix.

“...she said she ate some and her stomach didn’t hurt after…I started thinking, well shoot, that’s something I need to try!”


When we caught up with Betty, she was just getting home from work and was excited to tell us about her experience.

“I just bought a new waffle maker and I’ve been wanting to test it out,” Betty said.

Betty smiles a big smile as she uses her fork to taste her first bite of Allergy Schatz Gluten free waffles.
Betty enjoys her first bite of Allergy Schatz Unlawful Waffles.

Betty told us that she loves cooking and has become open to new foods as the years go on. And while she works out on a regular basis she is trying to improve on the food aspect by eating healthier meals. She told us that she “works long hours” and doesn’t always have the time to think about what to make or what ingredients are needed. “There’s a lot of products on the market so it's hard figuring out what to try,”said Betty. Betty lives in Riverdale, Ga. where the closest stores with healthier, organic ingredients is more than 30 minutes away. Making that trip on a regular basis can be time consuming and expensive. When Betty heard about our online store from a friend, she decided it might be worth a try.

“I heard from a friend about Allergy Schatz waffles. [My friend] has IBS so things like waffles and pancakes are hard for her to digest,” Betty said, “But she said she ate some and her stomach didn’t hurt after…I started thinking, well shoot, that’s something I need to try!”

She explained to us how she had been craving a good waffle for a while and was using our waffle mix to kick off her at home breakfast making again. For Betty, it’s been awhile since she had a Belgian waffle at home. “I always like to add a little bit of vanilla to my waffles. It wasn't until after I had made them that I realized I didn’t really need it, Betty,” said with a laugh.

We asked Betty about our packaging and instructions and she told us, “I started making it according to the package,”she said,”The instructions were very clear and easy to understand and I really like that it gave ingredient comparisons…. I used eggs and whole milk to make mine.” Betty explained to us that she was wearing her glasses when making her waffles because she’s used to the print on packages being so small you can hardly read it. Needless to say we were happy to hear that she found it easy to read and use.

When we asked how she liked The Unlawful Waffles she responded, “It’s hard for me to believe it was gluten-free. They’re so light and fluffy and I did not expect that!” Betty finished the conversation by showing us a photo of her smiling as she enjoyed the waffles, her empty plate photos, her Allergy Schatz shopping cart filled with The Unlawful Waffles and our Fugitive Fry Mix.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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