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Allergy Schatz

al*ler*gy sh*ots

About Us

Allergy Schatz is a home based business that grew from our own food allergy issues. We pride ourselves on making allergy-friendly food that tastes great! Let us help you get dinner, or breakfast, or something sweet without having to do all the work! We offer local delivery and pickup for the Greater Los Angeles Area and *ship to all US states. The food you want, and free from gluten, dairy, corn, coconut, apples, mangos, and tree nuts! We even offer vegan and soy free options. Contact us to see which option is best for you!

A Kitchen You Can Trust

Our products are made in a home kitchen that is certified by the Los Angeles Health Department. We have food allergies too, so we are dedicated to providing you with a safe eating experience. 

We are proud to have a kitchen that is ALWAYS FREE FROM: 

❌Cow’s Milk




❌Tree Nuts


❌High Fructose Corn Syrup




While we do occasionally use eggs and soy in our ready-to-eat products, ALL of our mixes are Vegan and our products are always Gluten-Free. We use separate equipment to process our items that are made with soy and eggs, and we clean and sanitize all equipment before and after each use. Products made with soy or egg are always clearly marked for your convenience. 

Employes creating mixes or packaging products must wear aprons, facial masks, gloves and have hair pulled back in order to work. Employees that feel sick or that have tested positive are not permitted to work without clearance from a doctor.

Do you have additional allergies that we haven’t accounted for? We are always happy to try and accommodate our customers and can alter most of our products to fit your allergy needs and still offer you a safe and delicious solution. If you need special accommodations please email us at

Quality Ingredients

Wondering how our food can be gluten-free, have no preservatives, and still taste so great? That's because our chef uses high quality organic ingredients-so you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in our products! We believe that just because food is allergy-friendly doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice on flavor. That’s why all our recipes have been vetted through people with and without food allergies to ensure the flavor profiles are just right!

So go ahead, ditch the guilt and dig in!

Meet the Chef


     Adrianna is a home trained foodie turned chef working and living in Los Angeles, Ca. Having battled health issues like Arthritis and Asthma since she was 9 years old, the discovery of food allergies was just one more battle she was willing to fight and win. In 2013 she discovered she was allergic to apples, mangoes, coconuts, almonds, catfish, and scallops.

     While she learned to navigate the world of food beyond this, she was struck by surprise yet again in 2018 when a sharp pain in her stomach prevented her from eating or drinking properly. Having first thought it to be an ulcer, tests would later reveal the onset of new, more challenging food allergies. 

     In April of 2018, 4 days before her wedding, tests revealed allergies to milk, wheat, and corn. Research lead Adrianna to discover that corn was in almost all American food. If she wanted to survive, she would need to learn to cook the foods she loved without these key ingredients. 

     Through sharing her story with others and consistent community outreach, Adrianna realized there was a real need for change in the food industry and that she could make a huge impact on the lives of food allergy sufferers and their families. It was then that she decided to turn her health issues into a blessing and this gave birth to Allergy Schatz; great tasting, Allergy Friendly Food.

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