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For the Love of Fall...

🍁Have I mentioned that fall is my favorite season? No, not because of PSL’s (pumpkin spice latte’s) or apple cider. In fact, those are the saddest parts of the season for me. I’m not a fan of pumpkin 🎃 (I know, I know, but it’s just my tastebuds y’all) and I’m allergic to apples🍎 (which happens to be my favorite fruit) 

But I’ll tell you what I do love… the light jacket weather, the changing of the leaves, and ‘tis the season for baking.

🍁Fall is always bound to strike nostalgic memories for me of childhood and making my own costumes with my mom, beautiful breezy days, and the best foods of the year! But now with my food allergies and not to mention my food dislikes it's made the last few Fall seasons a little difficult to get through. But this year, I’m going all in on the Fall season!

This season we’ll be exploring alternative seasonal flavors. I know you’re thinking, well what the heck does that mean Adrianna? I’ll tell you! It means we’re going to be taking all of those favorite, classic holiday dishes and making them allergy-friendly.😋

Apple cider?...How about pomegranate cider?  And you won't find any pumpkin pie🍰 in my kitchen, but a carrot pie with aquafaba meringue? Now you’re talking!

So make sure you add to your contacts list so you won’t miss a single🍂Fall recipe!🍂

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