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Allergens in Alcohol

Over here at Allergy Schatz, we know that drinking holidays can mean having to play another round of good ol' read the label and that can take away the fun and the spirit of a holiday.

It’s difficult to miss out on the drinking holidays once you become an adult. Especially when you’re around friends and family pressuring you to take a shot or cheers with them. And indulging is ok, provided you read the labels and take your allergies into account when dealing with alcoholic beverages. To help you out, we’ve done some of the hard work for you:

Beer-Wheat, Corn

Who doesn’t love a green beer to kick off their St. Patrick’s Day Holiday! Those who have gluten and wheat restrictions, that’s who. And most beer is brewed using grains like wheat, barley, and corn.

If you have an intolerance to gluten, the great thing is there are several gluten-free beers on the market both popular corporate brands (Busch, Corona, Heineken, etc.) and some lesser known local brands, (Alpenglow, B.C. Brewing, Divine Science Brewing to name a few)

Vodka- Wheat, Rye, Potatoes

When dealing with vodka, what it’s made out of will more likely be determined by how long the brand of vodka has been around. This is because traditionally, vodka is made by distilling grains like rye and wheat. That means this is a clear “hit the road jack” if you have a gluten intolerance or wheat allergy.

Often if you can’t have wheat or gluten, those around you will tend to offer you Tito’s brand Vodka. It is true that this brand is an alternative for people with these dietary restrictions, but if you are also allergic to corn (like we are) then we suggest putting down that bottle of Tito’s and turning it around to the label side because this vodka is made from corn.

So where does that leave you if you still want to sip cosmos and gimlets?

Why not look into some potato based brands?

*Gin-may contain gluten/grain

Gin is a grain based alcohol so much like vodka and beer, it too is usually made from wheat or barley. It is then distilled with juniper (which is why it tends to smell and taste like Christmas Trees 🙄) However, it can be distilled with other things like cinnamon or almonds, so if you have multiple food allergies, we’d recommend staying away from gin unless you know all the details on how it was made.

Scotch,Whiskey, Bourbon-Wheat, Corn

Scotch, whiskey, and bourbon are all very closely related. Essentially, they are all the same thing with a different name as it depends on the place where the alcohol was made, and the ingredients it was made from. Additionally, it is the percentage of barley, corn, and water that determine if the alcohol is considered scotch, whiskey, or bourbon.

The most important thing to remember however, is that it will include wheat and/or corn so tread lightly if you have food allergies or an intolerance to these.

If you can't remember all of these allergens in alcohol, don't worry. You can click here to download our free guide.

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